Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stones in Your Shoe

I beg you leave the stones that rattle in your shoes here upon this doorstep.
I beg you slip off your shoes and breathe.
I beg you step through the door into a lighter atmosphere.

I beg you know that someone understands, that someone would walk with you
in those very same shoes
with those very same stones
I beg you know that someone understands, that someone would sit with you
upon that very same doorstep
emptying those very same stones
I beg you know that someone understands, that someone would step with you
through that very same door
into renewed strength and peace

I beg you,
know that someone understands a tiny stone under your heel can hobble you.
I beg you,
Just empty that stone and walk forward.
I beg you,
Help others empty their shoes when you can.
I beg you,
Remember you may always return to this doorstep to empty the stones that will inevitably find their way inside your shoes.

This is for everyone who wants to let go of something but is finding it hard to do.
Certainly, you may post anonymously!
This is about helping each other, and small kindnesses can be very big to the one who receives them.


Anonymous said...

Just testing to make sure I can post a comment anonymously :) I would say I'm letting go of my angst over being all thumbs at anything technical, but I gave up worrying about that one a looooooong time ago... I yam what I yam, as Popeye would say ;)

angelinabeadalina said...

When someone always, always, has something negative to say about whomever or whatever you discuss, I feel like I need to defend whatever is being dissed. Unfortunately, this really doesn't make a difference to the other person, so I'd like to learn to ignore the negativity without feeling guilty and still be able to talk to this person without adding more negative energy to the world.

Anonymous said...

It hurts when I see others being used and mistreated. I seem to internalize it whem the victim is close to me. I am learning to let go and not hold in so much anger. It really helped me when a friend pointed out that I allowed myself to be that victim a lot and that's why it bothered me sooo much!

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you, and glad to hear your friend's observation helped you understand what's happening with your own feelings when you see others being used or mistreated.

Anonymous said...

Leaving behind my poisonous friend. Hoping that she finds peace and is eventually able to stop her destructive behavior that drives away her friends and lovers.
Hoping that she will stop trying to drag other people into her drama. Hope that her sig other is able to deal with her without losing himself to her insidious issues.